Malkin 'Brought MSNBC to its Knees' Over Biracial Slam

Conservative firebrand and serial (and successful!) web entrepreneur Michelle Malkin has once again proven the power of Twitter to give voice to Conservative Americans.

Wednesday night, Malkin fixed her sights on MSNBC over a vile tweet from the network's official Twitter account sought to slur Conservatives as racist.

The tweet, which was deleted after the Malkin-led backlash, referenced an ad for Cheerios set to air during the Super Bowl which features a biracial family. The Tweet read:

Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.
  (@msnbc) January 30, 2014

The implication is as clear as it is slanderous: Conservatives are not comfortable with non-whites.

On Twitter and through her forward-thinking website, Twitchy, Malkin rallied social-media-conscious Conservatives to push back and dubbed MSNBC's flub "self-unaware overload." 



As the Malkin-led response grew, MSNBC deleted the offensive text and issued an apology.


MSNBC Commentator Richard Wolffe declared "That's not who we are."


The only problem is, this does seem to be 'who they are.' In fact, this isn't MSNBC's first time to smear Conservatives with implications about interracial families. Less than one month ago, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and a panel of guests ridiculed Mitt Romney and his family suggestion that Mr. Romney's adopted black grandchild was a token meant to make the right look more inclusive. After a similar response from outraged Conservatives, Harris-Perry offered a tearful apology.

As The Blaze's Jason Howerton asked, if this is not who MSNBC is, why can't they seem to stop?


But the Malkin-offensive was not finished. Under the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily, Malkin urged Conservatives with biracial families to "fight back" by celebrating their family love, and figh back they did with photo after photo after photo of loving biracial conservative families.  Malkin later Tweeted, "This is how it's done."

Twitchy continued to both follow and shape the story with pieces dedicated to tweets from biracial families, famous biracial Conservative families, the flawed MSNBC apologies, and attempts by the network to whitewash the extent of their slander

As Twitter user Mamadoxie wrote, Michelle Malkin "brought @MSNBC to it's knees."


TruthRevolt is lending its support to the effort with a petition to tell MSNBC's advertisers to stop supporting the network's bigotry.