Major Networks Dismiss Nunes Memo as Very Dangerous 'Nothing Burger'

"The release of this memo is really reminiscent of the darkest days of the McCarthy era."

As the major network news organizations continue their attempt to discredit the Nunes memo regarding Department of Justice corruption, they are inadvertently creating a phenomenal Greatest Hits collection of pathetic, anti-journalistic bias.

Among the many dismissals of the report noting the biased investigation into Trump-Russia election collusion, "dangerous" is a word which continues to be used as a castigation of those darned truth-seeking Republicans.

On CNN, Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal ridiculously proclaimed about the report's release:

"The release of this memo is really reminiscent of the darkest days of the McCarthy era."

Wow. Echoed congressional Democrat Chris Murphy on MSNBC:

"This is amongst one of the most dangerous days of this presidency so far."

Senator Jeff Merkley (D) told CNN:

"This is extremely dangerous manipulation information [sic] in order to discredit an investigation."

According to Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen:

"We're at a very dangerous inflection point here. An incredible abuse of power."

Senator Ben Cardin (D) lamented on CNN:

"This, to me, is very, very sad and dangerous. We're talking about defending the rule of law, defending the independence of the Department of Justice."

News anchors couldn't satisfy their appetite for sensationalism, relegated instead to the cuisine of choice among the networks to describe the important report on DOJ misconduct: a "Nothing Burger."


"Imagine if Devin Nunes is feeding us a Nothing Burger."

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough:

"Talk about a Nothing Burger."


"Oh for goodness sakes, the could be a Nothing Burger."

On MSNBC, one female anchor steered consciously clear of the metaphor:

"So what happens if this thing does turn out to be...a dud? And I'm not saying the word(s) 'Nothing Burger' because I was asked by my segment producers not to use that cliche."

Democratic Representative Ted Lieu went the other way, at least using an original description:

"I can't discuss the contents of the memo, but I can say that it's worse than a Nothing Burger. It's like having Nothing Mustard."

The Left will continue to dismiss the memo, because it doesn't follow their preferred narrative of sinister Trump corruption and phenomenal Democratic virtue. However, America isn't fooled. And for all their talk of nothing to eat, the major networks' bias is turning the country's stomach.