Maine Supreme Court Denies Rapist Contact with His Daughter

On Monday, LifeSiteNews reported that the Supreme Court of Maine recently denied a rapist all visitation rights to his child, thus refuting claims by pro-abortion activists rapists will be tied to the women they impregnate for life.

Richard Sullivan began raping his victim when she was 13 or 14 and continued on a  weekly basis until she was 20. Sullivan was 60 at the time the rapes began. Throughout the course of his abuse, Sullivan fathered two children, forcing his victim to abort the first at age 16 since Maine has no parental consent laws. The second child, his daughter, was born in 2007 when the victim turned 20. In 2011, his obtained a temporary protection order against him. In response, Sullivan sued for custody.

"In a 13-page decision in Sullivan v. Doe on August 28, the Maine Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that denied Sullivan all custody or contact with his child, cut off access to any of her records, and required him to pay $38,019 in back child support," said LifeSiteNews.

Sullivan is now facing five charges of sexual molestation.

The charge that women who keep children conceived in rape will be forever shackled to their rapist has long been a staple of pro-abortion rhetoric. The court's decision has been welcomed by many pro-lifers, including Monica Kelsey of Save the 1 who herself had been conceived in rape.

“Rapists don't deserve rights, innocent children and mothers do!” Monica Kelsey said. “A woman who is raped deserves to be protected from her rapist at all costs, and if there is a child involved the child deserves protection, as well. "

“Women won't choose life for their child as often as they do now if they feel that they have to be associated with the rapist for another 18 years,” she warned.

As reported by LifeSiteNews, current studies show that 70% of rape victims choose not to have an abortion.