Maddow Producer-Only Reason For Obamacare Scandal is Politicos Are Bored

"...the political world is hyperventilating because it’s bored and wants something to talk about."

Steve Benen is the producer of the Rachel Maddow Show and a contributor to His latest post on the MSNBC website discusses the uproar over the President's "you can keep your heath insurance, period" lie. Benen suggests the only reason for the public uproar is that political wonks had nothing else to do:

Which bring us to a larger point: a whole lot of the current hysteria surrounding “Obamacare” won’t amount to much, either. Watching the apoplexy unfold in recent weeks, I’ve occasionally had the impression that the political world is hyperventilating because it’s bored and wants something to talk about.

It's difficult to understand why Benen feels that boredom is the reason for the pandemonium; he doesn't discuss his rationale in the article. It can't be because he feels a leader's lie is no big deal, because he has written critically about what he felt were lies made by President Bush and famously kept a count of the lies made by Mitt Romney during the presidential campaign.

And it certainly can't be because the political wonks were bored. At the time this latest Obama scandal hit the news, there was plenty of issues to discuss, not the least of which was the government shutdown.

One possible rationale for his claim may be that he has little regard for the 4,800,000 Americans who have received notices that their health insurance plans were about to be canceled.

But the best possible reason for his claim is that as a radical progressive, he is unable to fight the urge to protect Barack Obama at all costs.