Maclean's Magazine Jihadi Poster Boy Caught Video-Chatting With al Qaeda Friends

But we thought Khadr was an innocent victim of Islamophobia.

You remember Omar Khadr, right? The Canadian-born, al Qaeda-loving terrorist whom Maclean's magazine recently used as its poster boy for victimhood?  Khadr was convicted of murdering a U.S. army medic in Afghanistan and served a short sentence at Guantanamo Bay before being freed. The Left has since painted him as a reformed, peace-loving man and "victim" of a racist and unjust world. 

Well now there is proof that Khadr is who he always was -- a jihadist who would likely murder again in a heartbeat. 

(Remember this Maclean's cover? Khadr is flanked by two rape victims. Because after all, their "plight" is the same)

A photo uploaded to a pro-terrorist Facebook page features Khadr on an iPhone video-chat with one of his former Guantanamo Bay inmates, Moazzam Begg. Begg, who now lives in the freedom and comfort of the UK, is an open al Qaeda supporter and jihadi-leader who attended terror-training camps in Afghanistan. 

Rebel Media is the first news outlet to expose this inconvenient truth:

In the photo, you can see the subject matter of their discussion: Guatanamo Bay.

Here’s the caption on the photo:

“Did you guys see this, Zaynab Khadr, Maham Eslamnah, Maryma Khadr? Omar joined Moazzam on FT for Gitmo 14 year anniversary."

Zainab Khadr is Omar’s pro-terrorist sister. Maha is his pro-terrorist mother. "FT" presumably refers to "facetime," the videophone feature on an iPhone.

This call surely violates Omar Khadr's bail conditions. Or does it?

Rebel's Ezra Levant wrote to Khadr's lawyer, Dennis Edney, asking him for an explanation of the video chat. As you can imagine, the lawyer replied that he did "not wish to participate." 

News of the Left's poster boy engaging in a video chat with pro-al Qaeda, jihadist-leaders will very likely not be covered on the mainstream media. And certainly not Maclean's magazine, to be sure. A worthwhile video segment is featured above.