Los Angeles Man Arrested for Airsoft Gun Tweet

“100 RT’s and I’ll shoot someone walking.”

According to the NY Daily News, Los Angeles police arrested a 20-year-old man, Dakkari McAnuff, for making criminal threats after tweeting an image last week of what wound up being an airsoft rifle aimed at a city street with the message “100 RT’s [retweets] and I’ll shoot someone walking.”

The Huffington Post reported that as of Sunday the man’s Twitter handle, @StillDMC, had been taken down; however, archived tweets show that he had followed up the first tweet with “Man Down. Mission Completed.”

Despite the follow-up tweet, there is no evidence of McAnuff injuring anyone. The tweet, featuring an airsoft gun, appears to have just been a joke, one of his friends even making fun of him on Twitter before the arrest, saying, “I'm gonna laugh so hard if these 100 RTs get you locked up."

Police were able to trace the account to his location on 9th Street in Downtown LA, where they found an air rifle.

For the tactless tweet, McAnuff is currently being held on $50,000 bail on suspicion of making criminal threats.