London Man Arrested for 'Inciting Racial Hatred' on Twitter After Brussels Attack

Free speech is fast becoming a thing of the past.

After the Brussels terror bombing, a London man asked a Muslim woman who was passing him on the street to explain why the attack happened. Unhappy with her answer -- "nothing to do with me" -- 46-year-old Matthew Doyle took to Twitter to further express his frustrations. The now-deleted tweet said:

I confronted a Muslim woman in Croydon yesterday. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said "nothing to do with me." A mealy mouthed reply.

The tweet quickly went viral and brought plenty of mocking his way. It all came to a head the next day when Doyle was arrested at his home in South London. The Metropolitan Police released a statement, posted at Daily Mail"A 46-year-old man was this evening arrested at his home in Croydon on suspicion of inciting racial hatred on social media."

Social justice warriors on Twitter hit back at Doyle, tweeting things like, "I confronted a White woman yesterday in Cordon. Asked her to apologize for slavery. She said 'Nothing to do with me.' A mealy mouthed reply." Others "asked" him to explain things like colonialism, imperialism, Christian extremists, Nazi Germany, etc.

Doyle defended himself, telling the Daily Mail:

I am not out of sync...I think people who are criticizing me are out of sync.

I am having a hard time about this. I am not a fall guy in all of this.

The incident did happen. I didn't confront the Muslim woman, I just saw her coming towards me and I was emotionally fueled. She said "it was nothing to do with me". I said "have a good day" and then turned around and said "bye". It's not like I'm a guy with tattoos who pushed her against a wall.

I don't think it's stereotyping. Would you be afraid of me on the Tube? Any Londoner has to be vigilant and alert as the Islamic threat is a big one. It could happen here and it probably will. 

I never meant for the post to go viral. I have the right in a democratic society to speak my own mind.  

Doyle has posted other messages to Twitter decrying Muslim migration and asking, "How long can decent British people put up with this Islamic horror?"

Mic dug up one they felt was "the kicker." It read, "Who cares if I insulted some towelhead ?? Really."

On Thursday, the Croydon Advertiser reported that Doyle was taken to the hospital as a precaution after telling officers he didn't feel well. There are no further details about his condition or when he will be released.