Lois Lerner Calls Conservatives 'Assholes' And 'Crazies' In Newly Released Email

Gee, what could she possibly have had to hide on her "crashed" hard drive?

Lois Lerner wants you to know that she has no problem with the crazy lunatics on the right who are worse than alien terrorists. They're totally fine.

Today, a new email was released showing Lerner's existing strong bias against conservatives; a bias we have been assured does not, and did not, exist. A quick review of the email plainly shows the lie.


Lois Lerner Emails


Wackos and crazies who crazily and wackily floated the conspiracy theory that Lois Lerner didn't like them. That is one crazy and wacky, ridiculously meta series of events.

Someone better call the alien terrorists. Their tax-exempt status is clearly under review.