A-List Actor Who Hates Political Correctness

"Political correctness has become really insidious"

Justin Theroux, the man engaged to Jennifer Aniston, is not a fan of the politically correct culture that is dominating American life.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, author Willa Paskin talked to Theroux about the movies that he penned and although they “aren’t lacking in explosions or dirty jokes” they are "challenging—funny, confrontational, and commercial, all at the same time.”

When asked about his successful screenplay “Tropic Thunder,” in which Robert Downey Jr. played a white method actor who dons a “black face” to play a black sergeant and who says to Ben Stiller that if he wants to win an Academy Award he must never go “full retard,” Theroux explained his priorities. 

“There’s a certain point where political correctness becomes extremely conservative and it skews to a point where it becomes humorless,” he says. “You have to be sure of what your target is, who the joke is on,” he continues. “I was so saddened that people were offended by the full-r-word scene, because we worked really hard making sure that joke was aimed at Hollywood and actors portraying mentally challenged people. I remember being so bummed out. They literally picketed us. It was like, ‘Really? Satire is allowed to do this!’ ”

Theroux is looking to delve into the subject.  He is currently working on an animated series modeled after All in the Family, but instead of the main character being a conservative it will be a liberal. 

“When was the last time you were super offended? I might be like, ‘That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!’ Or, ‘It’s not my thing,’ or, ‘It was a stupid joke.’ But there’s such a sensitivity now. Political correctness has become really insidious.”