Limbaugh: Why Don't Oscar Boycotters Sit Out All-White Democrat Primary?

Why isn't there a #DemocratsSoWhite hashtag?

The Oscars boycott is, as we all know, about diversity and the racial makeup of the nominees. In short, that it is too white, and not ethnic enough. Thus the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite on social media. On Monday, Rush Limbaugh asked a question about this, though, that is a real zinger. Why isn't there a boycott of the very white Democrat primary?

I have a question, folks. I really am bugged by something here. I'm watching all of this talk about banning the Oscars. And all these Hollywood liberals and Hollywood actors and actresses are running around saying, "We can't go to the Oscars, there aren't any black nominees. It's a racist bunch, it's racism, and we're not gonna go support it." If that's the case, then why aren't all good liberals boycotting the Democrat presidential primaries? Which is whiter, the list of Oscar nominees or the Democrats running for president? Is there a whiter group among those two?

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It's a great question, one that would be great to hear an answer for. Why isn't there a #DemocratsSoWhite hashtag? Maybe we should get one trending.