Limbaugh: Obama’s ‘High Horse’ Speech Is Dangerous

"The president is directly and indirectly promoting religious beliefs that are hostile to Western values."

On his radio show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh unloaded on President Obama for his “high horse” remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier that day in which the president drew a moral equivalence between radical Islamic terror and dark episodes in the history of Christianity. The president’s choice to attack Christianity at an event designed to unite, Limbaugh argued, revealed just how much he resents this country and how actively he is seeking to humble the West. Not only was the speech insulting, suggested Limbaugh, it's dangerous.

Saying the president's Prayer Breakfast speech “dots the I, crosses the T” on his worldview, Limbaugh said it’s clear, “we have a man who really has a problem with this country.” 

He has a problem with this nation's founding. He has a deep-seated problem with this nation's existence. He doesn't like the fact that we're a superpower, thinks it's not been honestly earned. We're cheaters and we're thieves. We are rich beyond the rest of the world's comprehension, not because we've had a unique way of creating wealth and prosperity.  No, no, no, no! We've run around the world and we've stolen things from other people. We've stolen cultural things; we've stolen resources; we've stolen money. 

Obama clearly believes “there's nothing special about the US,” said Limbaugh; the only “special” thing about us, he suggested, is our racist, bigoted founding:  

The US was founded as a racist, slave, bigoted nation, and we still haven't paid the price for that as far as he's concerned.  Why on earth would you go to the National Prayer Breakfast with thousands of Christians from across the spectrum and insult them?  And at the same time, try to downplay the present day threat?  And not just downplay it, but to try to put it in some sort of context as, "Hey, nothing unique here! Been there, done that. You Christians did just the same kind of stuff back in the days of the Crusades! Let's not get on our high horse, here...

Limbaugh argued that not only is the speech deeply insulting, it’s dangerous because it encourages people to “take their eyes off the ball” of the real, current problem. “[T]he problem today is not Christianity,” said Limbaugh; it’s that “people are being killed and captured and conquered to advance and impose Sharia law, which is militant Islam.”

Limbaugh pointed out that he doesn’t know of any Christian leaders who resort to the past as an excuse to blast other religions, yet the president insists on doing so. This tendency to bring up the sins of the past apply to the president’s disparaging perspective on the Constitution and race relations in America. With Obama, said Limbaugh, “there is no absolution”:

And it's the same with the Constitution. Find some alleged past sin and use it as a blunt instrument against any and all progress. "The Constitution's irrelevant anyway.  The Constitution's invalid anyway.  It was written by and voted on by a bunch of slave-owning, racist pigs!  Screw it!"  That's his attitude. There is no absolution with this man. Ferguson isn't Selma, but it may as well be. Christianity isn't Sharia, never was. Until today. Today Ferguson is Selma, and Christianity is Sharia. Just separated by a thousand years. 

But the biggest issue, said Limbaugh, is not what the president says, but what he does—particularly in regard to radical Islamist groups like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism-promoting nations like Iran:

Taking shots at Christianity's past asks people to take their eyes off the ball today. Whether people are being shot, imprisoned, flogged, beheaded, or burned alive, it's not the only problem. How Sharia law is achieved is noteworthy, but it's not the end all. Obama's actively working with Iran, which has promised to wipe Israel off the map. The latest from Iran is that US negotiators are begging Iran for a deal.  […]

So if the Iranians are out saying, "The US is begging us for a deal," why in the world would that be?  I mean, what's the point of that? Unless Obama desperately wants in the resume the statement that the United States and Iran came to a mutually agreed deal on nuclear weapons, much like Obama and the president who finally, after all of these years of sacrifice and desire, delivered socialized national health care. Obama is actively working with Hamas, as he is working with Iran. 

Hamas has pledged to annihilate the Jewish state. Obama has actively backed the Muslim Brotherhood, an umbrella group for virtually every Al-Qaeda related terrorist group out there. To minimize the horrors -- which is what he did today. To minimize the horrors of present day Islamic extremists and try to excuse them by saying, "Hey, it's nothing new! You Christians did the same thing...a thousand years ago." That's bizarre, folks. Moral relativism from 500 to a thousand years ago? 

“Christianity is not on trial today,” said Limbaugh. The priority of the day is fighting forms of radical Islam that are a real and present threat to America’s values.  Yet the president is “directly and indirectly promoting religious beliefs that are hostile to Western value”:

Women's rights, gay rights, the rights of Jews, they're under assault today in all the places the president seems to want to make excuses for. The reason ISIS, Iran, Hamas, and the other terror groups are growing in strength is because the president left Iraq faster than Bill Cosby can slip a roofie into a woman's drink, apparently.