Limbaugh: Liberal Reporters Believe It’s an Act of Bigotry to be Objective

Friday, Rush Limbaugh addressed what he argued is the key to understanding liberal media. Citing conservative political writer Evan Sayet’s speech to the Heritage Foundation titled "The Universal Field Theory of Liberalism," Limbaugh boiled down the central point of Sayet’s theory on why liberal reporters are always on the wrong side of the story: For liberal reporters, “being objective is bigoted.”

Anyway, "'The Universal Field Theory of Liberalism; and Why the Mainstream Media Gets Every Major Story Not Just Wrong, But as Wrong as Wrong Can Be' was the title of a lecture Sayet gave on January 7 at the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley." Conservative forum, Silicon Valley.  There must have been five people at this. 

He said, "It’s an act of bigotry to be an objective reporter." Now, I will admit, I find that brilliant.  I wish I had come up with it.  It explains a lot about trying to understand the Drive-By Media today.  Being objective is bigoted.  Why do you think that is?  Well, if you're objective it means you are unfeeling toward victims.  You are ignoring the pain.  If you don't see the pain, if you don't see the failure, if you don't see the suffering and champion it, then you're worthless, you're a bigot yourself. 

Limbaugh then explained Sayet’s argument that the modern liberal invariably sides with “the lesser over the better” and “the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success” because a liberal cannot accept the idea of success. This rejection of succes stems from one of the left's most important premises: All things must be equal, thus nothing can be portrayed as superior to another.

If no religion or no culture or no person, if no behavior, if no form of government, if nothing is better than anything else, and that, by the way, manifests itself often in liberalism.  It's how you arrive at believing success is unjust.  Why should a person succeed, if that person's not better than anybody else?  And a person can't succeed by being better because he's not permitted to be better, because that's unfair, that is itself unjust. 

So when liberalism, in order to make things right, that says, "Everything's equally good; you can't condemn anything we do."  It doesn't make everything equal meeting in the middle.  What it does is enable the bad to triumph, and it also stigmatizes the better by making it bad.