Lie Exposed: Steven Crowder Undercover Video Destroys 'Gun Show Loophole' Myth


Steven Crowder went undercover to try and buy guns that Barack Obama and his fellow leftists say are easier to get than food at the grocery store. Was it that easy? OF COURSE NOT! WHAT KIND OF IDIOT THINKS THAT?

Oh, right. Lefties. Anyway, here's more from Crowder.

If you’re a leftist who believes other leftists, it’s probable you think guns (even fully automatic ones) can easily be purchased without a background check. You hold this notion for a simple reason: your leftist leaders in political circles reaching as high as the White House, say such silly things as “Guns are easier to buy than books.” A myth which is as true as receiving a college scholarship from the tooth fairy.

To prove how wrong leftists are about guns, we took a hidden camera to gun shows and gun dealers. We tried weaseling through the “gun show loophole” and even tried getting automatic weapons without background checks. It went as well as anyone who’s ever purchased a gun legally would expect it to go.


  • Nobody was able, nor willing, to sell us a fully automatic weapon. The lengthy process is described in the video. It’s not easy. It’s actually really, really hard.
  • The gun show loophole is a myth. What Obama and Bernie are referring to are already illegal practices, as seen by the hilarious reactions of gun salesman at the gun shows.
  • There is no way to purchase a firearm at a qualified store without a background check. It doesn’t happen. Again, watch the hilarious video.

We’ve already covered how the gun show loophole was a giant myth and a distraction, but this realllly puts it into perspective. Guns are not easy to buy. Guns are so difficult to buy, we nearly got arrested for trying to buy guns the way Obama says people by guns. Which means, Obama is, as we already knew, a giant lair. He hates your Second Amendment rights almost as much as he hates people who work for a living.

We've covered the myth here at TruthRevolt as well. Even the ATF admits it.

Lefties just continue to believe what they want to believe because, no matter what Obama says, they simply and solely want to disarm you. It's really that simple.