Liberal Scared to Death of His White, Southern Plumber Who Might’ve Voted Trump

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner for stupidest thing you’ll hear today.

ThinkProgress senior editor Ned Resnikoff was so triggered by the election of Donald Trump that when a white plumber with a southern accent showed up to his apartment to unclog a drain, he feared for his life.

Not because the man threatened him in any way but simply because Resnikoff assumed he was a Trump supporter and was perhaps even anti-Semitic. This extreme snowflake of a “man” wrote a Facebook post about his experience just four days after the election and his meltdown is now making the rounds.

“Wanted to share an experience from earlier today,” Resnikoff wrote. “This afternoon, I had a plumber over to my apartment to fix a clogged drain. He was a perfectly nice guy and a consummate professional. But he was also a middle-aged white man with a southern accent who seemed unperturbed by this week’s news. And while I had him in the apartment, I couldn’t stop thinking about whether he had voted for Trump, whether he knew my last name is Jewish, and how that knowledge might change the interaction we were having inside my own home.”

Aren’t liberals the ones always preaching tolerance and acceptance of everyone despite their race/creed/identity? But based solely on skin color, Resnikoff figured a man with that job and that accent probably hates Jews and will at any moment initiate a violent attack:

“I have no real reason to believe he was a Trump supporter or an anti-Semite, but in my uncertainty I couldn’t shake the sense of potential danger. I was rattled for some time after he left.”

Resnikoff is a very special kind of snowflake and his outlook for the future looks pretty grim:

“But today was a reminder that ambiguous social interactions now feel unsafe and unpredictable in a way that they never did before. And even if Trump is gone in four years, I don’t expect to ever reclaim that feeling of security. That’s just one more thing you voted for, if you voted for Trump.”

It seems as though Resnikoff might be better suited living somewhere he can feel safe from rednecks and live among his own kind. The liberal city he lives in isn’t cutting it, so perhaps it’s time to move to The Bubble, “a planned community of like-minded free thinkers — and no one else. So, if you're an open-minded person, come here and close yourself in. In here, it's as if the election never happened.”

If you can believe it, that was from an actual Saturday Night Live sketch and a funny one at that. Watch below. Welcome home, Resnikoff:

H/T Instapundit