Lib Dem Says Trump is Right About Bill

Shocker from WaPo scribe

Liberal Democrat Ruth Marcus doesn't like it but the Washington Post columnist has had to admit that Donald Trump is right when it comes to calling out Bill Clinton.

Marcus begrudgingly admits that while Trump is, in her opinion, wrong on so many things, he is right to say Bill has a problem with women.

Shortly after Hillary Clinton once again accused Donald Trump of sexism, it was revealed that Bill Clinton was being brought out to assist his wife in winning the Democratic primaries. That set off Trump on Twitter:

While those comments may make some think only of Monica Lewinsky, and only if you are old enough to remember that scandal, but Trump is also hinting at Juanita Broaddrick who has accused Bill of rape; Kathleen Willey, who has accused him of sexual assault; and Gennifer Flowers, Bill's mistress of 12 years. Radio host Aaron Klein has been interviewing the women and documenting their stories, which have been forgotten by many.

Ruth Marcus hasn't forgotten, even if she is likely in the Clinton camp:

“Sexism” isn’t the precise word for his predatory behavior toward women or his inexcusable relationship with a 22-year-old intern. Yet in the larger scheme of things, Bill Clinton’s conduct toward women is far worse than any of the offensive things that Trump has said.  

Marcus says that while Trump has "smeared women because of their looks," Bill Clinton has actually preyed on women.

But Hillary Clinton has made two moves that lead me, gulp, to agree with Trump on the “fair game” front. She is (smartly) using her husband as a campaign surrogate, and simultaneously (correctly) calling Trump sexist.

These moves open a dangerous door. It should surprise no one that Trump has barged right through it.  

Perhaps this time, liberal Democrats will see one of their heroes for what he actually is.