'LGBT' Gets Like a Thousand More Letters to Represent All Possible Combos (So Far)

And to think, this is not even peak ridiculousness!

A flyer from an “inclusiveness training” seminar earlier this year in Canada has gone viral because "LGBT" has gotten an upgrade of 12 extra letters.

So far, we've had to navigate slight variations such as GLBT, or LGBTQ. But with all of the intersectionalities, gender identities, and sexual preferences leftists have dreamed up, the new acronym looks more like a randomly generated password, an auto-correct gone wrong, or the old secret codes to warp levels on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Now they want us to type "LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP."

Here’s what that stands for:

Lesbian, Gay, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Demisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Twospirit, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Allies, Pansexual, Polyamorous

Have fun looking up what some of those mean. 

Here is the flyer for the event which invited elementary school teachers to learn how to support these “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP peers and students.” There is an included paragraph claiming “surveys suggest as much as half of the public secretly identifies as LGBT to some extent.” Shame on them for excluding the GDTTIQQAAPP people out there and... really??!! Half of us?

There are still plenty of letters left in the alphabet, so as the Left’s whims change, so will the acronym. Folks, it’s only going to get more complicated. Brace yourselves.