Lena Dunham to Speak at DNC

"You better believe"

Actress Lena Dunham, the clothing-averse feminist who boasted of masturbating next to her younger sister and bribing her for kisses, will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention. 

The 30-year-old Girls star made the announcement on Wednesday over Twitter, further solidifying the moral depravity that will be present on stage at the DNC:

Dunham will be joined on stage alongside Ugly Betty star America Ferrera, who has openly supported Hillary Clinton since the outset:

What should people expect from Dunham's speech? Since substance can be ruled out, the only other possibility would be more of the same "War on Women" rhetoric or some branch of feminism. Doubtful that Lena Dunham will ever address the issue of having masturbated next to her sleeping younger sister and bragging about it in a memoir, but with today's Democratic Party, "you better believe" the possibilities are bottomless.