Lena Dunham Distressed Over Ridicule After Posting 'Toilet Selfie'

"Toilet Selfie"

After bearing herself naked on HBO's Girls, actress Lena Dunham continued her war on good taste by posting a selfie of her sitting on the toilet while sporting a leer. If you wish to enjoy a good night's sleep ever again, then perhaps it's best to avoid the photo below:

Since normal people don't appreciate having their minds poisoned with images of Dunham on the toilet, they naturally ridiculed her on social media.

"If you people couldn’t see her putting up a pic of her peeing, then deleting it? Just to get attention and bitch about how society is f—ed up? Then you are all f—in blind to what this person is about, it’s all for click bait and attention," wrote one detractor, who added, "Stop looking for attention you slob."

Dunham then deleted the photo and then complained on Instagram how "the world we live in" won't accept her posting a nasty photo of herself doing what nobody wants to even imagine, much less actually see.

"When you delete your own peeing Insta cuz you chronically forget what kind of world we live in but you still gotta shout out your visual influence," she wrote.

The one big downside to Trump winning the presidential election is that Dunham has reneged on her promise to move to Canada.