Legalized Pot Creates Illegal Pot Black Market

Basically blast it with butane and get the THC concentrate.

On his debut show on MSNBC, Ronan Farrow Daily, the titular Farrow delved into the world of legalized pot and the affects it is having on the “people on the ground.”

In a video produced by Farrow and his team, the host explains why people are now defying the legal sale of pot in Colorado by starting a ‘new’ black market of illegal pot sales. 

Simply put, people are switching to underground pot because “Legal=More Expensive.”  One young man on the video gives a quick math lesson saying,

“...they'll have to pay a premium and you'll have to pay excessive amount of taxes. They are going to be taxing me between 20 and 40%, similar to tobacco products. If you spend $10, it's going to be $13.38.”

The video continues with “Dumpster Love,” another young man who makes $2500 a month by illegally diving into pot dispensary garbage bins and taking the remnants of the days pot. 

He explains,

“Most kids selling weeds in the park, dumpster dive it from what the grow houses throw out. You'll have dispensaries that throw away clippings and trim.  At night I jump in the trashcans and take it all out. You cut up 20, 30, 40 plants and have a big garbage bag full of leaves that you have mixed in with dirt and other stuff that you swept off the floor and can't make products out of that.  Basically blast it with butane and get the THC concentrate,”

With almost complete disregard for his own safety, as well as the the law, Dumpster Love risks getting shot or arrested fishing for the scraps from the dispensaries. He explains that he doesn’t believe in locks on garbage bins because the dispensaries are throwing away free money and that they should not be doing this when

“people are in debt and homeless.  Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

What Farrow proved on his first show is that the legalization of pot did nothing to stop “the people on the ground” from creating a new black market of illegal pot.