Leftwing Bile Ensues Moments After Nancy Reagan's Passing Announced

Nothing is sacred.

March 6, 2016, marked the end of an era as former First Lady and class-act Nancy Reagan passed away at the age of 94. Rightly, kind words and memorials have poured in from around the world and from across all industries private and public. People of goodwill know that regardless of political affiliation, the passing of a great American calls for decency and condolences.  

For instance, Nancy Reagan's stepson, Michael, wrote on Twitter that, "Nancy is where she has always wanted to be with her Ronnie...Now she is at peace."

And former First Lady Barbara Bush issued a statement saying that "Nancy Reagan was totally devoted to President Reagan, and we take comfort that they will be reunited once more."

And indeed, she was. Her abiding loyalty and protectiveness for her husband was well-known, but the former First Lady also proved a devoted public servant in her own right -- one example being her concern for child welfare and her impassioned "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign.

In its obituary, Fox News noted that between 1981-89, Nancy Reagan was annually voted "one of the world's ten most admired women in a Gallup poll." 

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987, the former First Lady worked to raise awareness of the disease and alerted a nation of women about the importance of annual mammograms. She also served as a formidable advocate for stem cell research as a means of finding a cure for Alzheimer's, the disease with which her husband was afflicted.  

Through their 52-year marriage, both Nancy and Ronald Reagan served as shining examples of what mutual love, trust and respect looks like. What's more, they were the embodiment of class and decency, something so sorely lacking in today's day and age. They are still role models for all. And people of goodwill, regardless of political affiliation, know that. 

Below is a statement issued by Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders, who had very kind words about the former First Lady and of how she will be "dearly missed."


Sadly, some of Bernie's followers did not follow their candidate's shining example: 


To the shame of many others, no sooner was Nancy Reagan's passing announced than social media exploded with predictable bile. Below is a sampling [language alert] of some of the most offensive comments, compiled by Breitbart. While the people commenting are, in the truest sense, nobodies, it is worth exposing in juxtaposition with the remarkably good and kind and decent public servant we just lost. 

We live in a sick, classless day and age when nothing is sacred.