Leftists Insult Jeff Sessions' Asian Granddaughter: 'Return this Asian Baby to the Toys R Us'

"Kindly return the Asian baby"

Leftists love racial diversity as long as they're the ones doing the diversifying. But the left demeans and dehumanizes non-white conservatives as, for example, "Uncle Toms" or "Oreos." They also love picking on conservatives with multi-racial grandchildren. 

Remember that MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry said Mitt Romney's adopted black grandson Kieran "doesn't belong." Now comes MTV's Ira Madison III asking that potential Attorney General Jeff Sessions return his Asian granddaughter back "to the Toys “R” Us you stole her from."

During his confirmation hearings for Attorney General on Tuesday, Sessions could be seen holding his biological Asian granddaughter in his lap, and since leftists hate having reality crush their fantasy of conservatives as unfeeling racists, they made sure not to let him (or his granddaughter, for that matter) walk away untouched.


Though the disgusting tweet has since been deleted, Madison, who is black, continued his parade of hate, spurring other racists to join the fun. As Meryl Streep would say of Trump's alleged (he did not) mocking of the disabled: "Disrespect invites disrespect." Touché. 

The implication here is that Sessions cannot possibly love a non-white granddaughter and so must be using her merely as a prop. Madison makes that accusation only because of her skin color. He would not be doing so if the granddaughter were white, because leftists like Madison see everything through the distorted lens of race and can't possibility fathom that a man like Sessions could love his Asian granddaughter regardless of her race.

What would Madison have Sessions do? Avoid holding his granddaughter for fear of leftists calling her a prop? In that case the left would simply accuse him of rejecting his Asian granddaughter, which would also be racist. 

Damned if you do, damned if you don't, with leftists.