Left-Wing Hypocrisy: Clinton Employee Handbook Forbids Staff to Use Private Email

Do as I say, not as I do.

"Do as I say, not as I do" -- a hallmark of the Left. 

Despite Hillary Clinton's penchant for home-brew email servers for transmitting classified information, she doesn't allow her staff members the same leeway. 

The Washington Free Beacon published the findings of the Clinton Campaign's employee handbook which was attached in one of the Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks. In it, staff are prohibited from using personal email addresses to conduct personal business: 

“Staff are provided an e-mail account for Campaign business use only. Employees must use their Campaign-provided e-mail accounts for all correspondence regarding or related to the Campaign’s business,” the handbook states.

“Employees cannot use personal email addresses (.gmail, icloud, etc.) to conduct Campaign business.”

Ironically, the Podesta email also documents how Clinton staff instructed on the legal requirements for storing records, les they face legal action. The document states: 

"Failure to retain documents subject to a litigation hold can result in the imposition of harsh fines and other penalties on HFA and, in some cases, on the individual." 

The hubris is breathtaking, but of course not surprising for Leftists. It is also perfectly consistent with what we know of the Clintons to date. There have always been two sets of rules: the ones they get to live by, and the ones we mere mortals shall live by. 

Should Clinton be elected president we can expect this kind of double standard to trickle down into our daily lives via platforms and policies that embody this same ethos.