Left Pushes End of Church Tax Exemptions

"Businesses need to pay taxes. As far as I can see, churches are a business"

Emboldened by their latest win in the Supreme Court over same-sex "marriage," the left has been trumpeting the cause tax exemptions for religious institutions at a much faster rate, setting the stage for it to become a national agenda.  

Immediately following the Supreme Court decision that declared same-sex marriage legal, Time's Mark Oppenheimer openly declared that churches should be stripped of their tax-exempt statuses, arguing they served no reliable function when helping the poor and that government had no business "subsidizing" them anymore. 

The current trend to end tax-exempt status for religious institutions gained further steam this past weekend, when HBO Jon Stewart clone/wannabe John Oliver lampooned tax-exempt statuses for televangelists preaching the "prosperity gospel," finding discontent with having such moral issues play themselves out in the hearts, minds, and souls of the individuals giving money to such organizations. To quote National Review's Ian Tuttle regarding John Oliver's latest rant against tax-exemptions, "Oliver is not content to let the Almighty right this wrong. He eagerly invokes a different deity: the federal government."

Following John Oliver's call for leftist action against religious institutions, Occupy Democrats, a leftist advocacy group founded a kind of anti-Tea Party in 2012, posted on their Facebook page the below meme:

Perhaps even scarier than the meme itself are the comments associated with it. To get a full a picture of a leftist mind, just read their thoughts below:

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