Lecturer: Amherst Prof Pressured Her to Use Sex to Lure Students

"That is what I brought you here for."

A fired lecturer from one of the top liberal arts schools in the country alleges that a former professor pressured her and other assistants to use sex to lure students into taking Spanish classes, according to NBC News.

Dimaris Barrios-Beltran, 33, claims in a civil lawsuit that her boss at Amherst College, Victoria Maillo, "encouraged" lecturers like her and teaching assistants "to go out to parties or socials and sleep with students to encourage more people to take Spanish." She said at least one of the assistants complained to her that Maillo was treating her like a "prostitute."

Barrios-Beltran claims that when she asked Maillo whether she was expected to sleep with "a different guy every night like another TA was doing," Maillo responded, "That is what I brought you here for."

According to the complaint, Miallo said that when she recruited prospective teaching assistants, she looked for "pretty faces."

When Barrios-Beltran went over Maillo's head to report what was going on, Maillo allegedly retaliated, criticizing her Puerto Rican-accented Spanish and dismissing her as "ghetto."

Barrios-Beltran, who was hired in 2012, was let go this June, reportedly because of "declining enrollments." An Amherst spokesperson stated that, at the time, the school had "no knowledge of the allegations Ms. Barrios-Beltran now raises, and which she brought forward only after she was told that her short-term contract would not be renewed,"

Barrios-Beltran is now a Spanish lecturer at nearby Mount Holyoke College. Maillo too left the college earlier this year.

Amherst was named last year as one of 55 colleges involved in a federal investigation over the handling of sexual abuse complaints - further evidence of the decline of our institutions of lower learning.