‘Law & Order: SVU’ Features Rape of Coulter-Like Character

The official SUV Twitter account retweeted a fan who couldn’t decide “who to feel bad for,” the conservative rape victim or her attacker.

NBC's long-running Law & Order police procedural and its numerous spinoffs frequently announce that each episode is "ripped from today's headlines." The series can always be counted on to put a left-leaning spin on those current events-inspired plots; Christians and conservatives, for example, are invariably depicted as hypocritical bigots and/or religious fanatics, if not actual murderers.

Wednesday's politically-charged episode of Law & Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit) depicted the brutal rape of a fictional conservative pundit, who, as Breitbart notes, "eerily resembles author Ann Coulter," in an episode titled "Info Wars."

Breitbart reports that the episode follows outspoken conservative Martha Cobb as she addresses a Make America Great Again hat-wearing crowd on a university campus. Cobb’s verbal attack on “liberal snowflakes” is cut short when Antifa protesters and white supremacists clash violently. Cobb is later found beaten and sexually assaulted with the pole of a protest sign.

The show's main characters debate Cobb's political views and wonder if her assailant could have been motivated by her support of policies that would “close down Planned Parenthood and deport the Dreamers.”

An Antifa member is eventually arrested, and the evidence against him seems overwhelming until an alt-right leader at the campus event becomes a person of interest. Breitbart points out that the plot "appears to conflate supporters of President Donald Trump with white supremacists" by having the alt-right character -- the “Grand Wizard” of a group called Patriots for the American Way" saying he wants to Make America Great Again.


The trial ends with Cobb’s lawyer asking the judge to dismiss the case, saying, “I am sure that the perpetrator of this crime will never be known to a legal certainty.”

On Wednesday, L&O:SVU writer Robert B. Cohen responded to a tweet by Ann Coulter about a California city government’s vote to remove a Christopher Columbus statue from city hall. “Timely. #InfoWars,” Cohen tweeted.

The official SUV Twitter account then retweeted a fan who said they couldn’t decide “who [sic] to feel bad for,” the conservative rape victim or her attacker.

The left always finds violence against conservatives, whether real or fictional, to be funny and deserved. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a conservative alternative to the politically predictable Law & Order? One in which Christians and conservatives are shown to be decent human beings and in which MS-13 gang members, sanctuary city mayors, Antifa thugs, and criminally corrupt inner city Democrat politicians all get their due?