Laughable: Business Insider Claims Obamacare Nov Sign-Ups ‘Exploded’

127,000 enrollees total in the first two months—that’s 673,000 behind the administration’s 2-month goal.

Business Insider’s Brett Logiurato penned an embarrassing propaganda piece for the embattled administration Tuesday, claiming “Obamcare Sign-Ups Exploded in November.” That scans well as a headline, but the real numbers tell a far different story.

Logiurato’s piece begins with an exultant announcement:

About 100,000 people signed up for health insurance in November through, the plagued online federal health exchange, according to Bloomberg News' Julianna Goldman.

The enrollment “explosion” Logiurato touts, 100,000 enrolled in November, is about four times the dreadful amount that signed up in October (just under 27,000 total for the 36 states that do not have their own exchanges...).

Logiurato does his best to give the impression the program is soaring, but when the grand total of 127,000 enrollees is compared with the administration’s original goal for the first two months, the inflated story comes crashing back to earth. Embedded in the middle of the piece is the disappointing reality:

The number, while encouraging for the administration, is still far from its original goal. Marilyn Tavenner, the administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said at a Senate hearing last month that the administration had hoped for 800,000 enrollees in October and November.

That means the administration is about 673,000 enrollees behind schedule, or under the target by 84%.

One other problem: the 100,000 figure is simply the people who “selected a plan successfully”—not those who have been fully vetted by all of the agencies and insurers and actually paid for the plan.

Even more important in gauging the actual success of the program is the glaring unanswered question: Who exactly is enrolling? Is it the coveted “invincibles,” the young and healthy? Because if a large percent is not, the dreaded Obamacare “death spiral” will soon begin.