LAPD Investigate Belief in Two Genders as a Hate Crime at Catholic College

“Denying transgenderism"

Police along with the university's "Bias Incident Response Team" are investigating a "hate crime" at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The hate crime? Believing there are only two genders.

Both the police and the university’s Bias Incident Response Team are investigating the stated belief that only two genders exist, male and female, as a hate crime.

A Loyola alumni office employee discussed her views on sexual orientation, which align with the Roman Catholic Church, with three students who were hanging up posters on the subject on April 14.

One of the students involved in the incident explained to The College Fix that that "hate crime" is “denying transgenderism.” Cosette Corleo, who identifies as "gender neutral" was told by a university employee that only two genders exist and Corleo believes that statement is a "hate crime."

Carleo explained “you can have your opinion” as long as it doesn’t “deny my existence.”

Accounts of the incident in question differ. Carleo says the incident began when she (or he?) noticed "Rainbow Week" posters were removed from and placed behind a garbage can. The accused employee “allegedly approached the students about LGBTQ+ issues and voiced her opinions on differing sexualities, expressing that anti-LGBTQ+ signs should be put up in place of the students’ sign.” Carleo says the employee “told me that I was wrong and unnatural.”

But the husband of the employee tells a different story and says it can be corroborated by a witness.

After discussing the signs, “everyone shook hands and my wife invited them into the Alumni office anytime they wanted to talk more,” the husband wrote. “The girls express out loud how much they enjoyed the opportunity to ‘dialogue’ on these subjects with my wife.”

The husband also said his wife was suspended before anyone talked to her about the incident.

LMU's LGBT's Student Services told The College Fix the investigation is ongoing.