LA Weekly Advertisers Silent On Cartoon Depicting GOP As KKK

After the cartoon on LA Weekly's front cover associating the GOP with the Ku Klux Klan went viral, TruthRevolt reached out to Target and Pampers, both companies advertising with the pop-culture newspaper, to see if they, in any way, disapprove of LA Weekly's decision to print the cartoon. As of now, both have been silent.

Target explicitly stated that our inquiries were forwarded to the proper department and we'd receive a statement by today, but no such statement, for or against, has been made by the company.

Pampers has yet to return calls. 

Among those who have also remained silent is, of course, LA Weekly's editor Jill Stewart, who has yet to make a public apology for such an unfair, and historically inaccurate, depiction of the GOP. In fact, the only political party the KKK has any affiliations with is the Democratic Party since they were the ones who founded it.

Please sign our petition demanding LA Weekly apologize.