LA Times Opinion: Why Vote Hillary for President? She's a Woman

"Hillary Clinton is a wolf in wolf's clothing, and that's what progressives need."

Joel Silberman, Los Angeles-based writer and producer of the "Legitimate Rape Pharmaceutical Ad," shares his change of mind and newfound exuberance over the possibility of a presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton in 2016 in an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times.

Silberman, a proud progressive, says in 2008, Clinton was just not progressive enough and therefore was written off as a possible presidential pick at that time. He went instead for Barack Obama, "a progressive who passed the Iraq war litmus test but spoke in conciliatory language that appealed across the political spectrum." 

Because of the "unmitigated disaster of the Bush presidency," Silberman says progressives chose Obama as "our olive branch" in an attempt to "dial down the culture war." What did they get in return for this so-called olive branch? Silberman says: "The conservative movement replied by finding new and creative ways to call [Obama] the 'N-word.'"

But now, a change of mind has Silberman revealing the various and sundry ways Clinton gets his voter motor running:

She is a wolf in wolf’s clothing, an unapologetic warrior who gets a glint in her eye when she makes the reactionaries and the racists and the sexists squirm. And if she runs in 2016, she’ll have a back-on-his-game former president with her (who just happened to give one of the most extraordinary political orations I’ve ever seen in 2012), as well as Obama’s former campaign manager Jim Messina, and both of them will be gleefully relieving her opponents of their kneecaps.

But besides all of that, it simply boils down to one thing for Silberman: "she's a woman" who "drives the right-wing absolutely crazy." With a woman in the White House, conservatives could finally be put in their place on women's issues.

Barely containing his excitement, Silberman concludes:

In short: It’ll be exhausting and it’ll be ugly, but given the political moment we’re in and the importance of having a woman in the Oval Office, it’ll be worth it. I can’t wait.