LA County Republican Officer Associates with Radical Anti-Semitism

Amir Zendehnam is outspoken in his antipathy toward the United States and Israel and regularly promotes openly anti-Semitic and extremist material online. He was also recently appointed to a leadership position by the L.A. County Republican Party.



A key member of the L.A. County Liberty Caucus and recently-appointed chairman of the 54th Assembly District Central Committee of the L.A. County Republican Party, Zendehnam has openly expressed his disdain for the "arrogance, dishonesty, manipulation, exploitation, bullying & noise” of the United States and the “psychopath Zionists” who defend the “mass murder and ethnic cleansing” of Israel. 

Perhaps most shocking is Zendehnam’s YouTube page (screenshots below), which features his "favorite" videos, many of which promote extremist ideology. A few examples:

A few recent posts by Zendehnam:

-“@KimDotcom: #Snowden shows the world what the U.S. Govt stands for: Arrogance, Dishonesty, Manipulation, Exploitation, Bullying & Noise #FB

- Here come the psychopath Zionists apologizing for mass murder and ethnic cleansing!




A post that Zendehnam “liked”:

Question? When is killing Zionists in self-defense okay?

Hamas's rockets were fired after a weeklong Jewish pogrom in the West Bank. The IDF and Zionist settlers went on a rampage in the West Bank burning down the homes of the families of the people that Israel decided (extrajudicially) were "suspects" in this kidnapping (that Israeli police say wasn't done by Hamas) used as pretext to start this nonsense. They also burned a Palestinian child alive after torturing him.

Seems legit to me, but I'm told this makes me an anti-Semite.

So can someone please tell me where the line is?

Is it ovens and gas chambers? Is that it? Do we have to wait until Israel's using ovens and cyanide to kill Palestinians before we critique their behavior?

Screenshots of Zendehnam's YouTube "Favorites" page: