LA Anchors Dive Under Desks as Earthquake Hits

LA Fox station broadcasts Monday morning's quake live

At approximately 6:25 am Pacific Time on Monday, March 17th, a magnitude 4.4 earthquake shook the Los Angeles area, centered near Westwood, California, according to the US Geological Survey. Those watching the local Fox affiliate KTTV got to see the quake live as the surprised host Araksya Karatepyan held on for dear life as Tony McEwing exclaimed:

Woah! That's an earthquake!

The scene was similar at KTLA as the anchors dove under their desks. The male anchor, Chris Schauble, leads the way, along with Megan Henderson:


The reaction at the ABC affiliate KABC was an understandable "Jeeeez"


The KCBS team took it in stride as the set was shaking around them: