Krugman and Amanpour Figured It Out: Americans Are Racist

“That is fascinating.”

From atop a roof overlooking the sprawling, economically deprived city of Athens, Greece, CNN staple Christiane Amanpour and New York Times’ Nobel-Prize-winner Paul Krugman figured out what ails the United States. It’s not “economic anxiety,” it’s pure racism brought to the surface by one Donald Trump. 

“Politics have become disconnected from the economic reality,” Krugman stated. “This is not, in fact, about economic anxiety. They are plenty of problems with the economy, but that’s not what’s behind Trump.”

“What is it about, then? What is behind it?” Amanpour pressed.

“Well, race. I mean, ultimately, it’s about race,” Krugman said confidently. “I mean, you cannot understand anything that’s happening in this election — in U.S. politics — without seeing it as a, a certain, unfortunately, a fairly large fraction of Americans who don’t like the fact that we’re becoming a multi-racial, multicultural country.”

Krugman went on to explain that the resistance to immigration isn’t because of how it robs legal Americans from economic opportunity but that it is a threat to their “identity:”

“It eats into their identity. It’s really not about economics… Among people I talk to, economic anxiety has become a kind of a joke slogan. We’re talking about racism.”

“That is fascinating,” Amanpour beamed. 

The CNN graphic during this segment was wildly appropriate scrawled across the bottom of the screen: “The ‘liberal conscience’ of Paul Krugman.” That’s an understatement!

Watch below: