Krauthammer: By Obama's Definition, It's His Pal Warren Buffett Acting 'Un-American'

On Fox News' Special Report on Tuesday, Charles Krauthammer pointed out who fits the President's definition of being "un-American": Warren Buffett. He characterizes Buffett as "practically Obama's running mate" before explaining exactly why the word as defined by the President is so apt.

"It isn't only the Brazilians who are acting, at least as the administration put it today, in an un-American way. There's actually an American who is acting in an un-American way as defined by Obama, and that is his old pal Warren Buffett, who two years ago was the paragon of economic social justice, who was demanding that his taxes be raised so he shouldn't pay less than thirty percent - of course if you're a plutocrat with all those billions it makes no difference what your income tax rate is, whereas for everyone else it does - but apart from that, here is the guy who was practically Obama's running mate on economic fairness.

He's the finance behind this deal. He's providing a quarter of the financing and he will profit. Or as Obama said, as you showed earlier in the show, 'exploiting a loophole that of course deprives the treasury of money and what it will do is it forces hard-working Americans to have to pay more, essentially, into the pocket of Warren Buffett."

The moralizing from the left on the Burger King "inversion" deal has been breathtaking in scope today, particularly on that most Obama of networks, MSNBC. These are the same people and media outlets and Presidents of the United States who were holding up Warren Buffett as the pristine and unsullied example of how rich people ought to behave. A virtual self-targeting Robin Hood, taking from his pockets and giving to America's poor through the glorious workers paradise of high taxes. That is who is matching that same President's definition of un-American.

But surely it's nothing a good game of golf with lobbyists and big bank executives can't fix.