Klavan: 'You Can't Outlaw Being a 'D*ck'

"In a free country, people are gonna be d*cks!"

In an appearance on the early-morning show Red Eye Thursday, TruthRevolt's Andrew Klavan spewed some extra "Revolting Truth" when he said all speech, including speech he dislikes, deserves full protection under the 1st Amendment.

"You can't outlaw being a d*ck," exclaimed Klavan in reference to the Kansas Board of Regents prohibiting professors posting controversial statements on social media. "In a free country, people are gonna be d*cks!"

The new policy came in reaction to a University of Kansas professor who tweeted out after the naval yard shooting in September last year, "the blood is on the hands of the NRA. Next time, let be YOUR sons and daughters."

"Every time I hear someone say, 'freedom of speech, but...' I start to get this tightening in the neck," said Klavan. "To say what he said, it makes him a schmuck, and I would be perfectly in favor of him wearing a sign saying, 'I am a schmuck,' but he should be allowed to say whatever he has to say."

Comedian Sherrod Small followed Klavan by commenting about how relative freedom of speech has become in the modern culture.

"Here's how you get to say what you want to say in America: Don't have a good job," exclaimed Sherod. "You never see a press-conference where the manager of Applebee's is like, 'hey, we had to let the fry-cook Pedro go for homophobic tweets.'"

However, as the manager from Los Angeles' Mexican restaurant El Coyote getting boycotted for donating to Prop. 8 indicates, even those with less-prestigious jobs are subject to the guillotine.