Justin Timberlake Accused of 'Cultural Appropriation'

His apology was swift.

As TruthRevolt reported here, Justin Timberlake intended to show support for "Grey's Anatomy" star Jesse Williams, the recipient of a humanitarian award at the BET Awards. But Timberlake's well-wishing tweet took a turn for the worst.

The LA Times describes Williams' speech:

The “Grey’s Anatomy” actor and executive producer of BET’s “Stay Woke” documentary, delivered a powerful speech that touched on the sacrifices of black women to their community, police violence, the commodification and appropriation and a need for action that drove his audience to their feet and audiences at home to their keyboards. 

The Twitterverse immediately attacked Timberlake. Ernest Owen responded to Timberlake's comment with:

and Timberlake replied

 The backlash was instant and Timberlake immediately began to apologize.

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