Justice Ginsburg Blames Sexism for Hillary’s 2016 Loss, But Not When Obama Beat Her

It was all praise and palm fronds in 2008.

Joining the blame-everything-but-Hillary-game is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who believes sexism put President Trump in the White House.

“I have no doubt that it did,” Ginsburg told CBS’s Charlie Rose in an interview on Tuesday. The liberal justice added that sexism “was a major, major factor” in Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss last year.

Conversely, Ginsburg made no such comments in 2008 when Barack Obama handily beat Clinton, ruining her historic moment of becoming the first female U.S. president. Perhaps that has something to do with Ginsburg’s feelings toward Trump.

As The Hill points out, she was a harsh critic of candidate Trump, telling The New York Times that she couldn’t imagine him as president and the negative affects he would have on the country. Ginsburg said it would only be four years for the country but for the Supreme Court, “It could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that.” She has since apologized for those comments.

Ginsburg is known to wear a certain collar with her robe when she will dissent in SCOTUS arguments. She donned one in silent protest the day after Trump won, even though no opinions were scheduled to be given.

No one on the Left wants to admit that Clinton is simply unelectable, but they will go out of their way to feign offense over Trump talking about vaginas in what he thought was a private conversation. Again, Obama got away with it and he did it in public: