Judge Judy: 'I'm Sending This Tape To Congress"

$70,000 right down the sewer.

A 21-year-old from St. Paul Minnesota was recently brought on Judge Judy to resolve a rent dispute with his girlfriend.  The girlfriend, Ms. Reed claimed her boyfriend, Duane Brooks, Jr., had not given any rent money for nearly six months. What ensued is a lesson from Judy Judy that will get you to stand up and cheer. 

Mr. Brooks receives $437 a month from the government for rent. Judge Judy asked:

The county was giving you free money and it was for rent. Why weren’t you giving that money towards your own rent when you were living with Ms. Reed? What did you do with the money you were getting?

And the response from Mr Brooks was not that surprising. He stated as a matter of fact that “I spent it on myself.” Expecting this answer, Judge Judy begins to explain his problem in an overtly simple fashion. 

If the county is giving you money for rent and you’re not using that money for rent, but using it for yourself, then you’re stealing that money. You’re already getting $22,000 for tuition. Mr. Brooks, I want you to try to follow this concept, sir. Bird and I as taxpayers, have said to young people like you, if you are in school, we will help you. We will help you with loans and aid and grants, so that you can finish school and become a productive citizen. That’s what Bird and I have done as taxpayers. In addition to paying $22,000 for you to become a functional musician, what we have also said is, we’re going to help you if you don’t have a job and go to school full time. If you don’t have a job, to help you pay rent we’re also going to give you $450 towards rent so that you can live and it’s supposed to go towards your rent. It’s not supposed to go for eating out and your car or insurance. This money is targeted for rent. Do you understand?

She then threatened to send video of the exchange to Congress. The exchange between Judge Judy and Mr. Brooks reveals just how far the reality of the use of these taxpayer-funded programs can be from their intended purpose. Here's hoping Judge Judy and others really do send this video to Congress.