Joy Reid Horrified by Trump Saying ‘Church, Family, Police, Military’

Sounded racist to her ears.

President Trump’s State of the Union address has produced a treasure trove of pathetic reactions, but coming in with potentially the worst of the bunch is MSNBC’s Joy Reid. Somehow, she managed to pick up on the few words that nearly everyone can get onboard with and found a racist loophole. Leave it to a raging leftist!

Amazingly, Reid reacted in utter horror that Trump was speaking about the importance of family and church. He had the audacity to support the police, the military, and our national anthem. In her mind, these were “tropes” of a “bygone era.” That is, back to segregation where all of his supporters would be much happier, obviously:



She dissected each point further in subsequent tweets:

When Reid was challenged for her ridiculous take, she responded with a grade-school comeback:



But when Twitter user @vothelo excoriated Reid for lumping all Trump supporters in her own racist categories, she had nothing to say in return:



Everyone wanted to know: why all the hate, Joy?