Joy Behar: I'd Vote For A Rapist... So Long As They're Liberal

Refreshingly feminist

Feminists are one insufferable lot to endure, and the catty hosts of The View represent some of the worst, not least of which is Joy Behar, who exclaimed Tuesday she'd vote for a rapist so long as he supported beloved feminist issues like abortion and the free contraception they bicker so much about.  

Behar's comments came during a discussion on whether or not former President Bill Clinton and his well-documented lecherous past would negatively impact Hillary Clinton's campaign, some of which included allegations of rape and sexual harassment – the kind of issues feminists claim to care so much about. Though Behar acknowledged that Bill Clinton was "a dog," she countered that she would still vote for him, "because he votes in my favor." 

Bidding to outdo herself, Behar then doubled down on her position by bringing up former Senator Ted Kennedy and his abandoning an innocent woman to drown in a car at Chappaquidick, saying his blatant act of homicidal cowardice matters little so long as he supports her "right" to cut babies into little pieces. Misery loves company, I guess.

Chappaquiddick.  I mean, a girl drowns and he abandons her and she drowned and women still voted for Teddy Kennedy. Why? Because he voted for women's rights. That's why. That's the bottom line of it in my opinion. I mean, I don't like either one of them, to tell you the truth, Teddy or Bill. They're both dogs as far as I'm concerned. But I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor. 

This doesn't mark the first ounce of feminist lunacy to spew from the hosts of The View and sure won't be the last. As reported by MRC, co-host Whoopi Goldberg said of child rapist Roman Polanski in 2009: "It wasn't rape-rape."