Josh Earnest Already Performing At Jay Carney's Level: 1st Day- 1st Reporter Pushback

Monday, on his first official day as White House press secretary, Josh Earnest was already performing at the same level as Jay Carney as he presided over his first revolt.  As the daily briefing was wrapping up, a reporter accused Earnest of not answering his question. Real Clear Politics White House reporter Alexis Simendinger backed the reporter up.

The testy exchange began with Earnest joking with a reporter as he closed his briefing book, saying, "It took Roger's nose for news to ask." The offended reporter said, "That's not true. You got asked earlier." Ms. Simendinger echoed, "It's not true." The exchange continued:

Earnest: Alexis, you don't have to get all exercised about this but what you can do --

Simendinger: She asked you a question. You should answer the question.

Earnest: I did.

Simendinger: No, you didn't. You said you had no calls.

Earnest: I was asked if the president had questions with world leaders about the situation in Iraq.

Some unintelligible protesting continued.