Jordan Peterson Speech Met With Broken Widows, Calls to 'Burn it Down'

School stood up for free speech, refused to cancel.

Free speech warrior Dr. Jordan Peterson was greeted by protestors at Queen's University in Canada who called him a Nazi, smashed a stained glass window, and threatened to "lock them in and burn it down."

Professor Peterson, a University of Toronto psychology professor, was speaking in support of his bestselling book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Despite speaking at one of Canada's more established and distinguished universities, far-left protestors once again decided that he should not be allowed to express his viewpoints.

Early in his talk a person can be seen in the video above banging on a stained glass window in what in known as Grant Hall, the lecture hall in which Peterson was speaking. Eventually the window broke and, according to the Kingston Whig Standard, the woman who was behind the vandalism cut herself and fled:

The woman cut her hand, but fled the scene. She was stopped by officers dressed in plain clothing at University Avenue and Stuart Street.

When the officers identified themselves the woman started to yell and resisted arrest by trying to pull away, police said. Once handcuffed the woman became violent and started kicking one officer.  

Videos of the protest, taken by protestors themselves, don't paint the leftists in a good light. In the video below an exit door is barricaded as one protestor shouts, "Lock 'em in and burn it down!" 


In this video the rabble can be seen cheering on the woman who broke the stained glass window in the heritage building, all because she didn't like what the professor had to say.


The best news coming out of Peterson's appearance at Queen's University is that the school backed free speech and refused to cancel the event despite the mob baying for blood outside the lecture hall.