Jonah Hill Uses Anti-Gay Remarks - Media Is Silent

Actor Jonah Hill was caught on camera using a gay slur after the paparazzi mocked what Hill was wearing. 

The incident occurred after a photographer mocked the floral shorts Hill was wearing, calling them “pretty sexy.”  A super-irritated Hill shot back with, “Suck my d*ck, you f*ggot.”

Hill sat down with Howard Stern and gave a heartfelt apology. 

“I played into what he wanted and lost my cool, and in that moment, I said a disgusting word that does not at all reflect how I feel about any group of people,” said Hill. 

The actor has been an outspoken supporter of gay-rights and plans to attend his friends' same-sex-wedding in the near future.

He continued on Stern’s show, “I’m not at all defending my choice of words, but I am happy to be the poster boy for thinking about what you say.  It would break my heart to think that anyone would think… that I would be against anyone for their sexuality.”