Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Double-Team on 60 Minutes Benghazi Gaffe

Tag Team Hillary!

The battle to silence Hillary Clinton's opponents on Benghazi continued Monday night in WWF fashion as Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert played tag-team on the recently discredited 60 Minutes special featuring an alleged eye-witness giving false accounts to Lara Logan as to his whereabouts on the night of the attack.

To be fair, Lara Logan and 60 Minutes arguably deserve such scrutiny from all sides of the political spectrum for their disastrously irresponsible reporting, but the political spin left-wing pundits are using it for means they clearly care more about protecting their darling Hillary than knowing the truth about Benghazi.

Take Jon Stewart for example, after he rightfully takes a few shots at Lara Logan's ridiculous apology, he then segues into a diatribe against Republican Senator Lindsey Graham for holding up Presidential appointments since having viewed the 60 Minutes report. Rather than take the opportunity to slam this administration's blatant incompetence for their handling of Benghazi, Stewart takes the easy way out. Donning a mock South Carolina accent, Stewart stated the following:

You see, "Blanche du Graham", has been holding up Presidential appointments based on this "60 minutes" report, explaining that the FBI reports will vindicate him.

Stewart then rolls a clip of Graham on Fox & Friends:

What the state department did not release, is that he was interviewed by the FBI on two separate occasions where he claims that he went to the compound and he found Chris Stevens' body at the hospital...This White House has a bad habit of telling stories that are not true and are politically beneficial.

The clip cut and Stewart continued his assault:

I don't what's going on anymore, He's gone from being "Blanche du Bois" to Foghorn Leghorn. He says the FBI testimony was going to vindicate him. It turned out to be the opposite. I imagine he'll be whistling a different Dixie post-"60 minutes" apology.

This attack on Lindsey Graham breaks no new ground as Media Matters wrote a nearly identical article on November 10 as part of their attempt to vindicate Hillary Clinton by sabotaging her Benghazi critics.

It didn't get much better on Colbert, who followed Jon Stewart's lead by slapping 60 Minutes on the wrist and bludgeoning Fox News with a sledgehammer. First, he relayed footage of Fox & Friends' Steve Doocy referencing the 60 Minutes story during an interview with Senator Lindsey Graham.

I think it's great mainstream media is finally catching up. CBS did this story on Benghazi and I see criticism from the left where they go 'you guys are covering a phony scandal'. "60 minutes" doesn't cover phony scandals.

Colbert cut the clip and issued his commentary by mocking the Fox News "We Report, You Decide" slogan.

Yes, another network covered it. That's how you know Fox News' reporting is accurate. It's just like their motto -- "We report, but you should really check with someone else."

The folks at Media Matters wasted no time capitalizing on their two favorite tricksters' little skirmish. Their Facebook page on Tuesday featured a link to an article by Zachary Pleat singing their praises just above a dozen other articles blasting the 60 Minutes interview. It's a terrific sleight of hand, one that will surely help benefit the cause to crown Hillary President come 2016.