Joe Scarborough Likens Nikki Haley to ‘Mob Boss’ for Defending Israel

Joe really thinks he's smarter than everybody else.

On Friday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough likened UN Ambassador Nikki Haley to a “mob boss” for her strong defense of Israel and affirming Jerusalem as its eternal capital.

Scarborough’s takeaway from Thursday’s vote in the General Assembly, which blasted the United States for declaring facts, was that America has always been represented by “able” diplomats, that is up until Haley.

Speaking to executive editor at Random House Jon Meacham, Scarborough said:

“I thought yesterday was remarkable. Well, not a ‘gee whiz’ positive sort of way. But I see how the United States has had one able diplomat after another, either at the United Nations or at the State Department, or national security adviser…

“And I saw Nikki Haley yesterday actually threatening like a mob boss. Uh, threatening member states of the United Nations. ‘You either be with us on this non-binding resolution, or else we will always remember, and we may yank humanitarian aid out of the mouths of the most truly disadvantaged on the planet.'

“Jon, can you think of any parallels of such a petulant address to the United Nations or any international body in your lifetime?”

“Not by an American,” Meacham replied with a hearty laugh. “Khrushchev said, ‘We will bury you.’”

Watch below:


In reality, what happened during Haley’s address to the UN was this, as noted by Ronn Torossian: “Ambassador Haley revealed herself as a lioness standing up for the state of Israel. To sit amongst so many people who hate you and speak truth in an unwavering voice isn't easy. This woman with principles, who is centered and has convictions, deserves praise for being a light amongst the darkness at the United Nations. How refreshing it is to see someone with integrity, poise, resolve and commitment to the truth.”

But sure, Joe, “mob boss” it is.

H/T Mediaite