Jimmy Kimmel 'Mansplains' to Hillary Clinton: You're Too Loud

"Is that what you're going to wear?"

Hillary Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night and participated in a skit in which Kimmel "mansplained" the problems with her stump speech.

One area in which he "corrected" the former Secretary of State was in the tone of her voice. "You're shouting, you're too loud," Kimmel interrupted, referring to complaints that Clinton sounds angry when she speaks.

"You want to be stylish without looking like you're trying to be stylish, and also presidential," Kimmel suggested, adding that she sounded "shrill."

"Don't smile like that because it's too forced. It looks like you're faking it," offered Kimmel.

Clinton responded, "You know Jimmy, your comments are kind of contradictory," she said, "it's like nothing I do is right."

The skit was all in good fun. Clinton opponent Bernie Sanders appeared earlier in the week with Kimmel. Both candidates are making their rounds on the talk show circuit.

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