Jimmy Fallon And Sarah Palin Skewer Obama Foreign Policy Via Tonight Show Sketch

Fallon as Putin, "Well, I come from strong genes. President Obama, he come from mom jeans."

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is proving himself to be an equal-opportunity political satirist. On Wednesday's program, he played Vladimir Putin making a call to Sarah Palin (played by Ms Palin herself) in a hilarious sketch mocking President Obama's weakness in dealing with Russia, his obsession with his NCAA basketball bracket and much more.

Fallon set up the sketch by explaining that after he spoke to President Obama on the phone last week he made another phone call: "This time to someone who actually predicted his invasion of Ukraine back in 2008." The scene shifted to Fallon as Russian President Putin attempting to get off the phone with Obama:


Okay. Talk to you later, Barack. No, you hang up--- No, you hang up--- NO, YOU HANG UP!---He hung up.

Fallon (Putin) dialed again, a phone rang, and Sarah Palin answered her cell phone:

Palin: Hey, this is Sarah.

Fallon: Hello, Mrs. Palin, it's me, Vladimir.

Palin: Vladimir? Putin? What are you doing calling me?

Fallon: Well, I heard that back in 2008 you predicted that I would invade Ukraine. Is this true?

Palin: You betcha, Vlad.

Fallon: You betcha, Vlad, eh? I once invaded country called you-betcha-vlad. Anyway, since you're so great at getting my next move who do you think I should invade next? I'm thinking Finland, Sweden. I heard Jamaica’s nice this time of year

Palin: Well, my advice to you would be you get those troops out of Ukraine right now.

Fallon: Whoa, whoa. Hey, Captain Buzz Kill, it was joke. But seriously, i could have used your predicting powers in office March Madness pool. My bracket totally busted. How's your bracket doing?

Palin: Oh, thanks for asking. Bracket's good. You know, he's going to be six this month. Yeah. And Bracket just went out with Track and Jacket, and he shot his first bear.

Fallon: Interesting. You shoot bear? I prefer hand-to-hand combat.

Palin: Oh, yeah. Well, see, that's why everyone says you're such a strong leader.

Fallon: Well, I come from strong genes. President Obama, he come from mom jeans.

There is much more in the sketch (see video above), including a Fallon and Palin musical duet, Obama listening in on their phone call and discovering how close the Palin home is to the Kremlin.

When Jimmy Fallon took over the Tonight Show there were fears he would exclusively use his comedic prowess to mock Republicans, but Wednesday's sketch was the second night in a row he went after the President (on Tuesday he hit the President's announcement of 7.1 million Obamacare sign-ups)