Jihadist Details Deeds for ISIS: Killed 900, Raped 250 Women and Children

“When it comes to having sex, no one can control it.”

An Islamic jihadist wearing a hood was led to a location where he was confronted by a Yazidi woman who was sold into sex slavery after ISIS invaded her home town of Sinjar. The meeting was set up for a new BBC documentary called Face to Face with ISIS, hosted by Stacey Dooley.

The ISIS fighter, called Anmar, was with the terrorist group when they invaded the town. He had three sex slaves of his own; however the woman in the documentary, Shireen, wasn’t one of them.

According to the Daily Mail, Shireen was raped repeatedly by a jihadist while in ISIS captivity in the occupied city of Mosul, Iraq, where she was imprisoned for two-and-a-half years. She reveals that she tried to commit suicide at least four times. Even still, Shireen considers herself “the luckiest out of the girls” because she was raped less often and by only one person.

Anmar’s victims were far less “lucky.” He claimed to have raped over 250 women and young girls, saying he couldn’t control his sexual rage:

“During the time I was with them, the 15- to 16-year-olds, maybe about 50 and the older ones, [I raped] over 200. When it comes to having sex, no one can control it, it’s a very strong desire.”

Anmar attempted to claim that he felt bad for some of them: “Even if she was trying to stop me, you know… But when I finished with her and saw her crying my heart would break for her.”

Shireen shot back, “If you had a good heart you wouldn’t take three girls and rape them on a daily basis. You enjoyed this.”

Anmar deflected responsibility and said he was “put under pressure” and “required” to rape, or else face the weapon of his commander.

“You will pay for the tears of these girls,” Shireen said.

Anmar said he joined ISIS because he was poor: “It was about money for me.”

While “employed,” Anmar said he killed and slaughtered somewhere around 900 people:

“We would put up fake security checkpoints, as if we were police. We’d get 30, 40 people in a truck. We’d finish them and kill them.”

Anmar says he has accepted his “fate” and is awaiting execution. 

It’s estimated that 7,000 Yazidi women were sold into sex slavery to ISIS. Mass graves are being uncovered all around Mosul. At least 3,000 people are still missing. Shireen’s sister and father are among them.

“Not knowing their fate is more painful than knowing that they are dead,” she said.