Jewish Group Ignores Mission To Give Effusive Praise to Obama

The day after the President's State of the Union Address, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) issued a press release praising Obama's progressive domestic policy. Unfortunately the group glossed over Obama's appeasement of the Iranian regime that has publicly stated its desire to destroy the Jewish state.

JCPA began its statement discussing the White House domestic policy:

We were encouraged to hear the President speak directly to our priorities of protecting the most vulnerable and expanding opportunity for all,” said JCPA President Rabbi Steve Gutow. “If the polices described tonight were fully implemented, we would move toward a country with less suffering today and more hope for future generations. Our first step in confronting our challenges – both economic and moral -- should be to restore unemployment insurance for the1.6 million Americans who lost this critical source of support during a time of need.   Congress must restore these benefits immediately and retroactively.  These insurance payments provide a bridge for millions, allowing them to put food on the table and pay rent while they look for permanent work.  However, restoring unemployment insurance is not enough, we must grow the economy, promote opportunity, and create jobs.  Just as the President has called for renewable energy, rebuilding in roads and transit,  —our physical infrastructure-- so too do we need to invest in SNAP, Head Start, and access to high quality education – our social infrastructure.

Near the end of the release the organization got around to foreign policy:

In addition to the State of the Union’s message of economic opportunity, President Obama spoke to the challenges in foreign policy, including ongoing negotiations to end Iran’s nuclear program.

A nuclear Iran is a threat to the U.S., Israel, the Middle East, and the entire world. That we are currently engaged in negotiations to end that threat is thanks in large part to the success of our sanctions regime. These talks must succeed and Iran cannot have the capacity to build nuclear weapons. Strong American and international sanctions have been and continue to be a necessary component to finding a peaceful solution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

According to its website, the mission of the JCPA is to "serve as the representative voice of the organized American Jewish community in addressing the principal mandate of the Jewish community relations field, expressed in three interrelated goals," one of those goals is "to dedicate ourselves to the safety and security of the state of Israel."

Despite the fact that the P5+1 deal does not force Iran to give up any of its centrifuges, nor to stop its scientific development of a nuclear trigger mechanism, despite the fact that Iran itself says they will never give up the "right" to enrich uranium or take apart one centrifuge, this organization cannot bring itself to criticize the champion of the deal, President Obama.