Jesse Jackson: 'There Is Not A Crisis In Voter Fraud'

"We should have…one national election, not 50 states separate, unequal elections."

Thursday at the Lyndon B. Johnson Library's Civil Rights Summit, Jesse Jackson responded negatively to former President Bill Clinton's proposal of a Social Security card with a photo to help combat voter fraud.

Jackson does not believe there is a crisis at all when it comes to voter fraud. In fact, he says do away with all the "new schemes" and enact a national election rather than the current "unequal elections" amongst the 50 states.

Jackson told PostTV:

There is not a crisis in voter fraud. And all these new schemes seems to suppose we need some form of a different kind of ID. The right to vote needs to be a constitutional amendment. We need to have the constitutional, expressed, fundamental right to vote as opposed to having 50 states separate, unequal elections, where each state can manipulate the voter according to its own politics.

So when I say like North Carolina was able to move precincts off of college campuses; Texas manipulates voter ID; Ohio shortens access to voting -- that madness should end. We should have a universal right to vote -- that's fundamental -- and one national election, not 50 states separate, unequal elections.