Jay Carney Rumored To Want Russian Ambassadorship

In an article on pending Russian sanctions against U.S. officials, The Daily Beast reports that White House official Jay Carney is rumored to want the Russian ambassadorship. The article mentions Senators John McCain, Robert Menendez and Bob Corker as possible targets of Russian sanctions, which would include freezing of any of their Russian assets and a visa ban, but notes at least one official who should be ok:

One U.S. official who can rest easy is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who will not be on Putin’s sanctions list. Carney is rumored to be lobbying to replace former Ambassador Mike McFaul as the next U.S. Ambassador to Moscow, who will also not be on the list.

 The current White House press secretary has been rumored for some time to be on the way out, and the Daily Beast speculation will only fuel that talk.